Board of Directors of the Beth Emet Foundation

The board of directors oversees the foundation’s resources, including the covenant funds and the Assuring Our Future Fund. The board is responsible to protect the funds, to provide financial support to the synagogue as mandated through the covenants, and to work to increase the endowments. In 1998, the board hired a professional fund manager to manage the daily operations of the foundation’s investment portfolio. Their compensation is based on a flat rate management fee and not on an individual trade/commission basis. The manager communicates regularly with the president of the foundation board and meets with the directors annually. The foundation’s funds and accounts are also subject to annual audits by professional accountants.

The Beth Emet Foundation By-laws authorize that there be 9 directors who are Beth Emet members and elected by the board of trustees of Beth Emet. These directors elect the officers of the foundation. The directors are chosen for their experience and expertise in the fields of finance, law, business, charitable fund raising and management. The board also includes as ex officio members the president of Beth Emet and the senior Rabbi. The directors meet bi-monthly (and are also in regular contact through e-mail and other means of communications) to assess the progress of the funds, to review requests for disbursements, and to direct other business of the foundation. Requests for disbursements from the various funds come from the clergy and professional staff of Beth Emet. Before their approval,  the board evaluates the requests for consistency with the financial and other directives, as specified in the particular fund’s covenant.

We, the Board of Directors of the Beth Emet Foundation, encourage congregants, as well as others with a special interest in Beth Emet, to leave a legacy, to honor their loved ones or specific interests and to provide support to Beth Emet through the foundation. We encourage your additional contributions, in any amounts, to any of the existing covenant funds, or to the foundation’s general Assuring Our Future Fund. We encourage you to meet with our Rabbis, the president of our congregation, or any of the members of the Beth Emet Foundation Board to discuss the creation and initial contribution to and the establishment of a new fund. Because we believe so strongly in the importance of having a Beth Emet Foundation to support the work of our synagogue, its unique programming, and the perpetuation of the Jewish people, we hope that you will consider including Beth Emet in your will and estate plans. For it is only with your help that Beth Emet is able to sustain vital activities, help congregants in need, have a direct bearing on our programming and ultimately impact upon Kol Yisrael and the Jewish people.

We, the members of the Beth Emet Foundation and the Rabbis of Beth Emet would be pleased to meet with you to discuss any questions you might have regarding the Foundation and the establishment of a fund and covenant for that fund.

Sheryl Bartol, Treasurer
Marc Blumenthal, Secretary
Karl Berolzheimer
Scott Hurwitz
Larry Levine
Jeff Mann
Tony Nocchiero
Shari Reiches 
Brad Wynn




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