List of Funds and their Purpose

To make a donation to one of the funds online, please refer to the donate page of the Beth Emet website

  • Assuring Our Future Fund – provides basic support for general synagogue operations.
  • Rabbi Peter and Elaine Knobel Fund - created in 2010 in the name of our Senior Rabbi Emeritus, this fund provides ongoing support for general synagogue operations.  This fund is an adjunct to the Assuring Our Future Fund
  • Dorothy Barliant Memorial Choir Fund – supports the Dorothy Barliant Memorial Concerts
  • The Barbara Eisendrath Baum Memorial Fund - supports educational or action programs which enhance the human condition in the spirit of Reform Judaism's commitment to the teaching of the prophets.
  • Brain Power for Israel Fund - supports Israeli PhD and M.Sc students in the life sciences who wish to train in Europe or the U.S. as well as provide support upon their return to Israel.
  • Breslow Fund  – provides support for special programs in the religious school and is intended to be self liquidating.
  • Gerald D. Chiss Memorial Scholarship Fund – provides cash assistance to young congregants desiring Jewish camp or Israel travel experiences.
  • Clonick Fund – establishes Beth Emet Archives and supports ongoing work of the Beth Emet library.
  • Fannie and Naomi Cohen Memorial Fund – provides support to obtain, maintain or improve the equipment and programs of the religious school.
  • Lawrence H. Eiger Memorial Fund – provides funding to maintain the Lawrence H. Eiger Memorial Garden.
  • Arthur and Leah Eisen Memorial Fund – provides scholarships to enable or assist students at Beth Emet to travel to Israel.
  • Rita B. Gross Memorial Fund – provides funding to support the work of Beth Emet’s Outreach Committee.
  • Huckman Family Fund – provides funding support for those Beth Emet Synagogue members who cannot afford to pay full dues.
  • Dr. Richard I. and Marian Kaufman Leo Baeck Scholarship Fund – subsidizes Beth Emet’s Leo Baeck candidate scholars at Leo Baeck School in Haifa, Israel, or, to promote special/supplemental educational programs for young children and families sponsored by Beth Emet.
  • The Zelda Klass Memorial Endowment – provides support for the children’s library and to sponsor a storyteller for children’s library programming.
  • The Solomon J. and Lillian J. Krug, David and Florence L. Fingeret Fund – provides updates to the Beth Emet library collection, modernization of the library and a book for every newborn congregant’s child and every kindergarten student in the religious school on his or her fifth birthday.
  • Gloria and John Levin Fund – provides for religious or educational programs, and/or for the maintenance of Beth Emet’s Torah scrolls.
  • The Bunny & Mel Lipschultz Memorial Program and Family Life Fund – supports lectures or work-shop programs addressing one or more topic areas related to family life.
  • Jewish Education: Lifelong Learning Opportunities (JELLO) Fund – provides critical mass of funding to develop & support new models for successfully engaging participants in meaningful study at any or all of life’s stages.
  • Harold Miller Family Fund for the Homeless – makes funds available to Beth Emet’s Tzedakah. Fund Committee for the support of homeless in Evanston and surrounding communities.
  • Sidney and Sarah Mogul Concert Fund – provides support to defray the cost of the annual Sydney and Sarah Mogul Concert.
  • Debbie Perlman Memorial Fund - supports Synagogue bulletin, website, or the main form of information dissemenation and/or communication to the Synagogue membership.
  • Louis and Anita Perlman Fund – supports youth programming and the maintenance of a youth room at Beth Emet.
  • Rabbi David and Aviva Polish Lectureship Fund – establishes and supports annual lectures at Beth Emet.
  • David D. Polk and Marian Fried Adult Jewish Studies Fund – underwrites courses and special lectures in Hebrew and Judaic studies for adults at Beth Emet.
  • Lenore Sherwin Education Fund – provides opportunities for creative and innovative Judaic educational programming for early childhood through twelfth grade at Beth Emet.
  • Samuel Sherwin Memorial Scholarship Fund – provides scholarships for children at Beth Emet to attend Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute Camp in Wisconsin or other comparable religious affiliated camps.
  • Singer-Horwitt Fund – Supports annual educational programming.
  • The Beth Emet Spiritual Music Fund - devoted to the use of music , including new compositions and innovative melodies as part of our full cycle of worship services, the teaching of music as part of the educational curriculum, musical outreach and any other activities or programs which are consistent with the above.
  • Edward Yalowitz Memorial Fund – supports the acquisition, maintenance or improvement of equipment, programs or physical plant at Beth Emet, or to help Beth Emet members in need in ways which would not otherwise be possible because of budgetary restrictions.



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