Foundation History

In 1965, shortly after the first Shabbat service was celebrated in our new sanctuary, Rabbi Polish and several forward thinking founders of our congregation realized the need to create a mechanism to provide perpetual support for Beth Emet, its facilities and programs. They created the Beth Emet Foundation, Inc. a non-profit corporation, to provide unrestricted funds to endow, and thus to assure, the synagogue’s financial stability and to further its religious, educational, cultural and social programs.

In the early 1980’s Rabbi Knobel foresaw the need to grow the foundation through larger philanthropic gifts to relieve the burden of rising synagogue budgets and to offer more exciting ways to finance and enrich programming at Beth Emet. In so doing, Rabbi Knobel not only sought to build upon the existing foundation established through the foresight of Rabbi Polish and others, but also sought to add a link to the continuing chain which strengthens Beth Emet, l’dor v’dor, from one generation to another.

After a successful fundraising campaign in 1986, the Beth Emet Foundation’s unrestricted general fund was significantly enhanced and became known as Assuring our Future, a fitting name for our largest fund.

The Foundation has been and continues to be, funded through generous gifts from Beth Emet members and others in the Jewish community who recognize the benefits of having a large pool of funds that can be invested and earn interest to support  ongoing programming. Many of the funds that are part of the Beth Emet Foundation leave the principal untouched, and an approach that is key to the future of our community.

The Foundation currently has over $2.3 million in assets. During the past fiscal year, income from these assets provided nearly $100,000 to support Beth Emet programs, including Kol Emet: The Jewish Music Project, scholarships for students wishing to study in Israel, scholars-in-residence, educational programs for all ages and ongoing support for Chadashon, the synagogue Bulletin.



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