Chavayah (Grades 9-10)

LtakenChavayah transcends the traditional education model and offers a challenging and engaging approach to Jewish learning. This program is designed for our 9th-10th grade students and provides a chance for them to continue the development of their Jewish identities through a diverse collection of learning opportunities.

Freshman and Sophomore students engage in deeper, self directed, learning through three course components: Core Curriculum (monthly lessons on a common theme), Talmud Torah (engaging Torah study), and Chuggim (pron. choo-geem, electives that explore a variety of topics through fun experiential programs ranging from Sephardic cooking classes to seeing Steppenwolf plays to field trips to area community service organizations).  While all teens attend Core Curriculum sessions, students choose from a host of Talmud Torah and Chuggim opportunities to match their interest to their learning.

The courses offered through Chavayah take students outside of the classroom to experience Judaism in new and innovative ways. Students learn not only from synagogue educators but from talented members of the community across a broad spectrum of subjects, including text learning, social justice and Jewish creativity.

Chavayah students have the ability to create a class schedule that meets both their interests and their scheudling needs by offering a host of options to choose from. The Chavayah experience gives students a strong foundation of knowledge and identity that enables them to build a lasting Jewish identity as they enter into adulthood. 

In addition to Chavayah, young women can register for Rosh Chodesh: It's a Girls ThingLearn more.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director of Youth Programs, for more information.

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