Lay Leadership (Officers & Board)

The Board of Trustees consists of 24 elected members and up to 3 Presidential Appointees, as well as Officers of the congregation, the Immediate Past President, Network President and BESSY President. Past Presidents of the Congregation are also Board members but do not have voting privileges. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall governance of the congregation. The Board works closely with the membership and the professional staff to set direction, policies and procedures as well as create long-term planning for the congregation.

Board of Trustees for 2014/15

David Graham, President
Neal Moglin, Vice President
Susan Zukrow, Vice President
Murray Gordon, Treasurer
Simon Anolick, Secretary
Sharon Ephraim, Immediate Past President


Trustees to be Elected to a Third One-Year Term
Stopher Bartol
Suzanne Coffey
Diana Cohen
Bob Cutler
Nancy Glick
Karen Isaacson
Doug Oettinger
Wendy Yanow

Trustees to be Elected to a Second One-Year Term
Margherita Andreotti
Joseph Frank
Robin Langer
Elaine Lev
Louise Gross Motel
Steve Siegel
Adam Stock
Lee Weintraub
Brad White


Trustee to be Elected to a First One-Year Term
Ellen Blum Barish
Rebecca Galler
Mel Gerbie
Rob Levin
Jeff Mann
Abbey Prujan
Brad Wynn


BESSY President
Emily Isaacson

Network President
Eileen Chapman

* Sidney Mogul 1950-1952
* Mason Loundy 1952-1954
* Lee K. Thorpe 1954-1957, 1966-67
* Sol Weiner 1957-1967
Sidney Waller 1958-1960
Leon Shear 1960-1961
Conrad Orloff 1961-1963
*Samuel Sherwin 1963-1966
*Jacob Gross 1967-1969
Paul Hansfield 1969-1971
Walter Director 1971-1973
*Jacob Ginsburg 1973-1975
*Fred Richter 1975-1977
Richard Rhodes 1977-1979
Richard Loundy 1979-1981
* Edward Yalowitz 1981-1983
Sophie K. Black 1983-1985
Joel Wineberg 1985-1987
Lawrence M. Cohen 1987-1989
*Robert Romain 1989-1991
*Andrew Melczer 1991-1993
David Zarefsky 1993-1995
Patricia S. Gerbie 1995-1997
*Phillip Pollack 1997-1999
Rosalie Greenberger 1999-2001
Robert Render  2001-2003
John Levin 2003-2005
Phil Bashook 2005-2007
Mort Denlow 2007-2009
Susan Melczer 2009-2011
Sharon Ephraim 2011-2013

* denotes deceased
** member of executive committee



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