Sermons 5775

Listed below are a collection of Sermons from 5775 (2014-15) at Beth Emet

  • Friday, March 13, Lee Weintraub and Rebecca Raus, Parsha Vayakehel-Pikudei, listen here
  • Friday, January 9, Kalman ResnickWhy the Jewish Community Should Be Committed to the Struggle for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, read here, listen here
  • Friday, December 19, Minister Brian E. Smith, Dreams Matter, listen here.
  • Friday, December 12, Laura Miller, The Power of Rank and the Misuse of its Power: Reinterpreting the Joseph Story in Contemporary Times and Settings, a Torah reading in Meturgaman-style, listen here.
  • Friday, November 28, Max Antman, listen here.
  • Friday, October 24, Rabbi Peter Knobellisten here.
  • Friday, October 17, Marilyn Price and Suzanne Coffey, B'reishit: We Begin, A D'var Torah in Meturgaman-style, listen here.

High Holiday Sermons 5775

Erev Rosh HaShanah, Rabbi Andrea London
, The Place Where We are Right, read text
Rosh HaShanah Chavurah Service, Rabbi Andrea London
, listen here.
Rosh HaShanah Traditional Refrom Service, Rabbi Peter Knobel,
And I do Not Know What to Do? Listen here,  read text

Kol Nidre, Rabbi Andrea London, In Defense of Liberal Zionism, read text
Yom Kippur, Chavurah Service, The Sabbath Spice, read text
Yom Kippur Traditional Reform Service, Rabbi Andrea London, A Year Dedicated to Shabbat/Shmita Observance, listen here. read text
Yizkor, Rabbi Andrea London, How do we grieve?, read text

Yom Kippur Learning with Rabbi Andrea London class handouts
Five things Jewish-American leaders must know about college students -- Ha'artez, September 18, 2014
5 Things College Students Should Know About Israel -- American Jewish Committee

Listed below are a collection of Sermons from 5774 (2014) at Beth Emet

High Holiday Sermons 5774


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