Just Congregations

As Reform Jews, pursuing justice and working together to create a better world is central to who we are. We see brokenness around us---families without healthcare, neighbors  losing their homes and  or their jobs,  community members struggling to be recognized as citizens......And we as individuals and community partners seek to be repairers of the breach.

Just Congregations, led by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and which Beth Emet is an active participant, is a  community organizing model that posits that meeting individually with people to hear their stories about what concerns them is a powerful way to connect them to the work of social justice and into the life of the community. Through our efforts of engaging  together we can act vigorously and successfully across lines of faith, class, and race to address the root causes of economic and social injustice.

Just Congregations’ goals are to foster a synagogue culture that integrates the pursuit of social justice into congregational life, ensuring that tikun olam, the repair of the world, is at the center of congregational life alongside learning and worship. Just Congregations advocates that synagogues join with neighboring religious congregations of all faiths, to develop their capacity to be agents of effective social change for the common good. To that end Beth Emet has also become a member of United Power for Action and Justice, an organization whose 50 members from the Chicago area are churches, synagogues, mosques and community organizations.



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